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Talent strategy

HYHH depends on outstanding staffs who can create The first-class work performance,to become more competitive in Printed Circuit Board field.

To achieve the goal, We should continue to keep competitive advantage in already Business Area, also will Break more new grounds in changeable environment of competition, and personnel become the key factor.

We are looking forward to excellent talents with wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity join us, Facing the opportunity and the challeng.

Salary Strategy

HYHH always adhere to the management concept of people-oriented,and formulate Salary and welfare strategy to attract、remain and incent talent,.

--Maintain Marketization compensation levels

--Establish perfect salary system and performance evaluation system base on internal fair principle

--Respect individual staff's expertise and ability, and support their development of different career path

--Focus on retaining core talents

Compensation & Benefits

The company multi-angle and multi-level sets up welfare plan for employees.

——Offer medical insurance, endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, Work-related Injury Insurance, maternity insurance and Employer's Liability Insurance and so on for staffs who meet the conditions of the employees

——Provide Sparetime activity places and necessary facilities for living such as dormitory, canteen, recreation room, reading room

——Enjoys the various statutory holidays

——Care for staffs' health and arrange annual physical examination

——In order to enrich the staff Sparetime life, aperiodically holding various community activities

——In order to improve the staff's skill and knowledge, aperiodically holding various training activities

——Provide travel and communication allowance for staffs who meet the conditions of the employees

Traning Development

HYHH think highly of the importance of staffs' training and development, Since the staffs join us, the company will take abundant resources on their training. In different stages, the company takes different training plans, so as to get the best effect. Perfect training system and development plan can increase the competitiveness of the employees, meanwhile, they can gain innovative knowledge and skills, moreover, the staff, the company, and even the entire industry will get benefits.

Career Developement

HYHH creat great developemnt space for talents who are eager for success.

HYHH care about the staff's career development, one person's self-improvement, morality , and ideas decide brand route and Business Management.

HYHH always adhere to the employment philosoph of "people-oriented, win-win" , and foster talents with real international qualifications and international competitiveness.

The high rapid development of HYHH prove that no matter this year's graduates, Workshop grass-roots staffs, or all kinds of management talents, they all can find their stages to give full play to their potential in HYHH, going along with the development of company. Wonderful career attracts they go at it, the Continuing Professional Ddevelopment guides them to Comprehensive upgrade the personal business skills and also proved that " Truth in hard to cross, success comes from the right motivation".

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